I like to take notes. Handwritten ones. But handwritten notes to collect and “archive” the mass of funny, weird, and outright bizarre content found out there just doesn’t make an iota of sense.

So, enter bwaha.com. I’ve had the domain for a long time now; had different plans for it once, never really got around to them, nor did I want to give the domain up for whatever reason, so I’ve basically just been sitting on it, unused, for years now.

No longer. “Bwaha” is now my “virtual” notebook of sorts to record, archive, and share pretty much anything “amusingly weird… or just plain weird” out there. Which means that at this point, I have no idea what you’ll find here.

What I do know is you won’t find porn here. Not judging, but dude, there’s no shortage of free porn content out there. Why you’d be looking for that here, I have no idea.

Hope you find something worth wasting your time on here. Got questions, tips, or suggestions, just contact me.


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